Japan Rare Metals Imports Increase in April

Japanese rare metals import increased for 14 items among 22 items in April from a year earlier, according to Ministry of Finance. The averaged import unit value increased for 10 items including rare earth, antimony, tungsten and indium under the growing demand. The import volume decreased for molybdenum, cobalt and titanium. The rare earth import increased by 33.5% to 840 tonnes in April from a year earlier. The averaged unit value increased to 1,455 yen per kilogram from 925 yen. The antimony import increased by 65.9% to 1,976 tonnes and the unit value increased by 50.6% to 464 yen under the surging international price. The tungsten import increased by 38.9% to 243 tonnes to meet firm demand for cemented carbide tool. The import of indium, which is used for transparent conductive film of liquid crystal panel, increased to 41 tonnes from 36 tonnes.