Japan Compound Semiconductor Shipment Drops by 7% in F2005

Japanese compound semiconductor shipment decreased by 7% to 47.278 billion yen in fiscal 2005 from fiscal 2004, according to Japan Manufacturers’ Society of Compound Semiconductor Materials (JAMS-CS). The lower shipment in the first half year reduced the total value though the all materials shipment increased with firm consumer spending after the summer.Gallium arsenic shipment decreased by 9% to 34.473 billion yen in fiscal 2005 from fiscal 2004 when the shipment decreased for visible light emitting diode (LED) and laser diode for compact disc and digital versatile disc. On the other hand, the shipment increased for infrared LED for remote controller and electronics devises. The shipment for electronics devices, which is used mainly for cell phone, increased by 9% to 10.606 billion yen, which reached 10 billion yen for the first time in 5 years.Gallium phosphorus shipment decreased by 5% to 9.431 billion yen in fiscal 2005 from fiscal 2004 under the slower demand. The shipment of indium phosphorus increased by 6% to 2.559 billion yen, which increased for 2 years in a row, when optical communication market including household optical fiber network recovered from slump after information babble burst.