Japan Magnesium Demand to Hit Record in 2006

Japanese magnesium demand will increase by 3.1% to record 47,400 tonnes for 2006 from 2005, announced by Japan Magnesium Association on Friday. The demand increases with firm demand for pure magnesium and alloyed magnesium export. The alloyed magnesium demand keeps expanding in 2006 reaching 10,000 tonnes. The demand of rolled alloyed magnesium products will increase when domestic supply of flat products from twin roll casting process starts. The pure magnesium demand keeps increasing for desulfurization of steel making process. The demand decreased by 0.2% to 45,978 tonnes in 2005 from 2004. The demand kept the high level after the jump in 2004. The demand increased for structural applications and steel desulfurization while the demand decreased for nodular cast iron and powder. The demand kept firm for injection molding application.