Flat Japan Ferrous Scrap Export Price

Japanese ferrous scrap export price is leveling off. The successful bid was FAS 26,280 yen per tonne for H2 grade at export tender for July shipment held by Kanto Tetsugen on Friday, which decreased by 20 yen from previous tender. The winner ships 20,000 tonnes of scrap by August 15. The winner price leveled off with lower appetite from steel makers in South Korea and Taiwan after the price increased by total 4,965 yen between February and May. An exporter won the tender at 26,280 yen per tonne for 20,000 tonnes of shipment. Thirteen exporters of eligible 15 firms submitted bids for the tender while 2 firms passed to submit. The 4 bids were more than 26,000 yen while most of other bids were more than 25,000 yen. The total volume of the bids was 109,000 tonnes, which increased by 23,000 tonnes from previous tender. Kanto Tetsugen said the winner price is fair value. The association of scrap dealers around Tokyo said the price kept the level when exporters take time to ship for order backlog. The association expects the domestic market price will keep the level with no negative factors.