Sumitomo Metal Mining to Develop New Applications for Electric Materials

Sumitomo Metal Mining tries to develop new applications for the electronics materials. The firm enjoys firm demand for the main products line including thick film paste and thin film sputtering target materials for digital appliances including cell phone, personal computer and flat screen television. The firm tries to develop new users for insulation paste of white light emitting diode. The firm also expands the target materials market to solar battery, touch screen and other applications. Paste is major product for the electronics materials division. The firm enjoyed the favorable market condition for conductive paste for nickel electrode of multilayered ceramic capacitor. The firm has products line including paste for chip resistor and silver resin paste for assembly of semiconductor element. The firm launched insulation resin paste of white light emitting diode in the year. The firm tries to expand the business by developing new application of paste for other than multilayered ceramic capacitor and white light emitting diode. The firm also expands the business of target materials including indium tin oxide used for transparent conductive film of liquid crystal panel and indium zinc oxide, which the firm developed through joint venture with Idemitsu Kosan. The firm adjusts the original material component of target materials to meet small lot orders. The firm tries to market new applications of the materials for other than liquid crystal through materials proposal activities for users. The firm already succeeded to sell the materials for solar battery and touch panel.