Doho Metal Corp to Establish New Local Subsidiary in Dongguan

Tokyo based nonferrous metals trading house, Doho Metal Corporation will establish the second local subsidiary in Dongguan City of Guangdong Province, China with coil center functions to start operation in spring 2007. Doho Metal Corp aims to settle accounts by Chinese yuan at the new subsidiary which will process and sell copper and copper alloy fabricated products for electrical appliances and automotive parts.Doho Metal Corp purchased a 14,000 square meters ground for the new subsidiary in Dongguan in February 2006. Doho Metal Corp will build a plant building within a year and introduce slitters to process copper fabricated products at 500-1,000 tonnes per month.Doho Metal Corp established the local subsidiary in Dongguan in 1996, which sells 1,000-1,200 tonnes of copper and copper alloy fabricated products per month recently. This subsidiary is permitted to sell the products which will be exported from China finally and cannot sell the products for local demands.In recent years, non-local makers including Japanese and Taiwanese makers are requested from their users to settle accounts by Chinese yuan for domestic dealing. Doho Metal Corp establishes the new subsidiary which can settle accounts by yuan to follow the trend.