Flat H-Beam Price in Tokyo

H-beam market price is flat at 75,000 yen per tonne for products with 200 by 100 millimeters width without freight around Tokyo. The price is likely to keep the level though the improving demand is weak to lift the price level. The distributors avoid extra low price selling after price hike announcement by Tokyo Steel Manufacturing. The market is improving gradually when distributors change mind though the price is still flat. The distributors said their shipment is better in June than April and May. However, without expectation for higher price, the users are reluctant to build inventory. The distributors’ inventory is still higher than normal level though the stock level decreased from the peak. The market price could increase after the inventory will decrease more.The actual demand started to increase for major building projects, which many stockists cannot ship the product for, while the demand is still slow in distributors’ market. The mood is much different between market for major projects, which makers enjoy the favorable condition in, and distributors’ market, which is the main market for stockists. The distributors are likely to wait more to enjoy the better market condition.