Flat Ferrous Scrap Price in Tokyo

Ferrous scrap market price stay at 18,500 yen per tonne for H2, 20,800 yen for H1 and 22,500 yen for HS at dealers’ purchase pride including freight around Tokyo. Domestic electric furnace steel makers could reduce scrap purchase due to summer time output reduction with higher electricity cost. However, the market price is likely to keep the level for a while when exporters have to ship for higher priced existing orders. Steel makers get sufficient scrap arrivals when export shipping volume decreases from Tokyo bay. The market price depends on how much successful bid is at export tender for August shipment held by Kanto Tetsugen around mid-July when electric furnace steel makers plan to reduce output in summer time. Scrap dealers’ scrap purchase volume decreases when scrap generation is low level and is expected to keep low. The dealers rush to ship scrap for steel makers when they expect the market price could peak out. The demand from steel makers in Taiwan and China decreases under stronger yen rate and summer output reduction. Exporters just ship scrap from Tokyo bay for existing orders when they have trouble to get new orders.