Japan Nonferrous Scrap Supply Turns Easy

Japanese nonferrous scrap supply is getting easier when domestic dealers rush to ship under volatile market, Chinese buyers reduce the purchase from Japan and domestic makers reduced the purchase after the consolidation. Makers and industry players try to find if the drop is temporally or long lasting due to the large impact on the transaction and market price.A buyer source for rolled copper maker around Tokyo said the copper scrap arrival is more than 20% higher than the original purchase plan. The scrap diverted to domestic copper smelters in June when Chinese buyers are reluctant to purchase Japanese scrap with expectation for lower price. A smelter of electrolytic copper, which tries to increase the output, gets higher scrap arrivals than planed for the higher output. Some smelters stopped the purchase temporally. The additional copper standard grade scrap flow turns to rolled copper makers as noted remark by the maker source though the makers managed to secure copper scrap with premium price until March. Aluminium scrap supply is also getting easier after major alloyed aluminium makers consolidated to reduce the scrap purchase by 3,000 tonnes per month and the closing maker disposed near 2,000 tonnes of scrap inventory.