Brass Rod Price Increases in Tokyo

The market price of brass rod is increasing in Tokyo at 805 yen per kilogram for free-cutting products with 25 millimeters diameter, at 815 yen per kg for products with 10 mm diameter and at 865 yen per kg for products with 5 mm diameter. The market price is likely to increase with the firm demand and the rising copper price.The dealers raised their reselling prices by 10-20 yen per kg at the end of last week, when Nippon Shindo continued to raise its purchasing price for brass turning scrap since the end of June, which is the indicator for brass rod market price.Nippon Shindo raised the purchasing price by 26 yen to 708 yen per kg on Thursday. The purchasing price increased by 14% in 2 weeks. Brass rod dealers feel copper price turned to the increase phase again after the decline in June.Dealer source said brass rod demand was brisk. The demand could averagely keep the level in June, though the users reduced the purchase due to the contemporary decline of copper price. The demand seems recovering for wide fields including semiconductors and facilities.