MC Aluminium to Double Output at Korat in Thailand

Nagano based alloyed secondary aluminium maker, MC Aluminium is building new plant at the Thai subsidiary, MC Aluminum (Korat). The new plant will produce around 1,000 tonnes per month including liquid metal supply for local automotive parts makers at first expanding the output to 2,000 tonnes in 2008. MC Aluminium also adds second furnace by early 2007 to MC Nikkei Aluminum (Kunshan), in which Nippon Light Metal joined last year, to expand the development of alloy products increasing the monthly output to 2,000 tonnes. The Mitsubishi Corporation group’s alloyed aluminium maker, which has Tokura plant in Nagano, Asaba plant in Shizuoka and Tochigi plant in Tochigi, established MC Aluminum America in Indiana adding MC Nikkei Aluminum (Kunshan), MC Aluminum (Thailand) and Korat. The Korat operation plans to double the output to 2,000 tonnes in 2008 to meet higher local output by transplant of Japanese automakers. The Thai plant tries to utilize Tokura plant’s production know how including temperature control of liquid metal. MC Aluminium’s worldwide output will increase to more than 200,000 tonnes in 2008 after expansion in Thailand and China from 165,000 tonnes in 2005. The offshore output rate increases to 60% from current 47% while the domestic output share decreases to 40% from current 53%.