Sankyo-Tateyama Holdings Posts Lower Sales and Profit in F2005

Sankyo-Tateyama Holdings Inc. (STHD) announced on Friday its consolidated sales and profit decreased for fiscal 2005 ended May 2006 from the previous year. Hitoshi Kawamura, chairman of the board of STHD, emphasized the firm seeks to pass the increasing material costs, especially for primary aluminium ingot, on their selling prices and reinforce their sales power in order to improve the consolidated accounts for fiscal 2006 ending May 2007. The firm estimates 353 billion yen of consolidated net sales and 5 billion yen of recurring profit for fiscal 2006, both of which would increase from fiscal 2005.The firm was suffered from 5.7 billion yen of increasing material costs mainly for primary aluminium ingot in fiscal 2005. The firm estimates another material costs increase at 7.5 billion yen in fiscal 2006, while the firm aims 8.5 billion yen of profit improvement by the price hike.