Aluminium Plate Price Maintains Flat in Tokyo

The market price of aluminium plate maintains flat in Tokyo. The price is around 730 yen per kilogram for large sized plate, around 745 yen per kg for small sized plate and around 750 yen per kg for aluminium alloy plate of 52S grade.

Trading is relatively slow for aluminium plate in the market. Dealer source said the demand is decreasing for productive machines for liquid crystal displays. Some sources indicated the demand is decreasing seasonally and some sources the decrease is due to the inventory adjustment.

Most dealers feel the demand became slower temporarily. Aluminium plate demand keeps basically brisk for semiconductor production equipment even with users’ orders to advance delivery lead time. The demand is also firm for printing plate and fin materials. Aluminium plate makers set their selling prices unchanged since the hike in late July under the brisk demand.

The users are expected to offer lower prices against the dealers when the primary aluminium ingot price might decrease by around 20 yen per kg in October-December from the present. The dealers are cautiously watching the market conditions and the price is likely to stay at the level for a while.