Japan 6 Electric Wire Makers Post Better Results for April-June

Japanese major 6 electric wire makers reported better financial results for April-June. Three of them posted higher sales and recurring profit while SWCC Showa Holdings regained profitability when the demand was firm for industrial electric wire cable and high voltage cable for power supply. Information and communication units contributed to the results for Sumitomo Electric Industries, Furukawa Electric and Fujikura. They enjoyed firm demand and higher selling price though some of them reduced the profit under higher copper ingot price.

The top 5 makers posted higher operating profit for April-June from same period of 2005. Mitsubishi Cable Industries regained operating profit. The 6 makers improved the profitability.

The electric wire units posted higher operating profit for Furukawa Electric, Hitachi Cable and SWCC Showa Holdings in April-June from same period of 2005 while Sumitomo Electric and Fujikura regained profitability. The demand was firm for major plants of domestic appliances makers and major buildings while the high voltage cable export was high level for Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Sumitomo Electric posted 650 million yen of operating profit in April-June for information and communications unit, which was 1.75 million yen of improve from loss in April-June 2005. Furukawa Electric posted 4.4 times higher operating profit at 2.6 billion yen for the unit. The telecom unit of Fujikura posted 8.8 times of operating profit at 38 billion yen. The demand was firm for products on household optical fiber network including optical drop cable at home and abroad.See attached file.