Toyo Aluminium to Expand Products Line

Japanese top aluminium foil and paste maker, Toyo Aluminium tries to improve the profitability by launching new products for the 50% profit increase target under 5-year plan to 2008. The president Masao Imasu said the firm tries to improve non-price competitiveness including service and original products. Mr. Imasu said the firm launched new global marketing center in USA in July to reestablish global marketing strategy. He said the firm plans mass production of new product, aluminium pigment with interference colors at domestic plant in the year. He said the firm can market the newly developed aluminium paste with high brightness at 0.03 micrometers thick. Mr. Imasu also said the firm tries to increase the contract price for plane foil when the firm got higher contract price from major users after the firm increased the selling price by 80-100 per kilogram for plane foil and by 65-80 yen for paste from July to cover higher ingot price.