Kitz to Start Production of RoHS Adopted Valves

Kitz Corporation, Japanese valve and copper fabricated products maker, announced the firm would start production and sales of valves which conform to Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) by European Union. The firm will start the sales in November 2006 and warrant the contents of controlled materials including lead and cadmium less than the limit under the Restriction. The firm will set the prices 30-60% higher than the ordinary valves.Kitz plans to start production and sales of hand-operated valves and automatic valves conformed to RoHS, which are widely demanded. The firm will adapt total 13 valves to RoHS, 8 of which are stainless steel valves and 5 are copper alloyed. The users demand more environment responsible products after RoHS came into effect in July 2006.Kitz will establish the production system to control the content of regulated materials at Nagasaka plant in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan and the plant in Thailand to produce brass valves. The firm will put “R (RoHS)” mark on the products to distinguish from ordinary valves. The firm will release the original warranty for the products and guarantee that the products contain regulated materials less than the limit under RoHS.Brass bar makers of Kitz group, Kitz Metal Works and Kyoto Brass already produce and sell cadmium free brass bars which conform to RoHS.