Brass Bar Market Price Keeps Flat in Tokyo

Brass bar market price keeps flat in Tokyo at 810 yen per kilogram for free-cutting products with 25 millimeters diameter, at 820 yen per kg for products with 10 mm diameter and at 870 yen per kg for products with 5 mm diameter.Nippon Shindo raised the purchasing price for brass turning scrap by 15 yen to 681 yen per kg on Monday, the indicator for brass bar market price, after the firm decreased the purchase price 2 times in a row. Dealers were to decrease their reselling prices by 10-15 yen per kg following Nippon Shindo’s price cut. However, dealers canceled the decrease and set the reselling prices unchanged after Nippon Shindo raised its purchase price.Brass bar demand is brisk in such fields for telecommunication, capital investment, light electrical appliances, industrial machine and automobiles, even though the users keep stances to purchase brass bar only for immediate demand. Supply is tightening mainly for small sized bar, while dealers continue to minimize their inventories. The market price would keep flat for a while when makes and dealers are cautiously watching copper price fluctuation.