Nippon Mining & Metals Establishes Copper Foil Sales Base in USA

Nippon Mining & Metals established a new subsidiary to sell electrolytic copper foil in the U.S.A., named High Performance Copper Foil. The capital is US$ 600,000 wholly invested by the 100% owned subsidiary in German, Gould Electronics. The new subsidiary started the sales of electrolytic and rolled copper foils in September which are produced at Shirogane plant in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.US copper foil market has shrunk when print circuit board makers, the main users of copper foil, shifted their production bases from the U.S.A. to China after the collapse of information and technology bubble in 2001. Nippon Mining & Metals closed the electrolytic copper foil plant at Chandler, Arizona in April 2006 following the trend and finished production of copper foil in the country.However, the demand for high-grade and high-performance copper foil maintains active in US market and Nippon Mining & Metals decided to establish the new sales base. The firm could secure the supply root for high-value-added copper foil in US market.