ULVAC to Expand Output Capacity of Sputtering Targets for FPD

Japanese major maker of vacuum equipment and related products, ULVAC announced on Wednesday the firm expands productive equipment for sputtering target materials used for flat panel display (FPD). The firm will establish a new factory building at Hachinohe plant in Aomori Prefecture, Japan and increase output capacity of sputtering targets by more than twice in 2 years. The firm will double output capacity of backing plate as well, which is used as heat radiating substrate for sputtering targets. The firm also plans to expand productive equipment for FPD manufacturing machines. Total capital expenditure will account for 2.8 billion yen.ULVAC Materials, a subsidiary of ULVAC, produces metal based sputtering targets for FPD, including aluminium, copper and molybdenum, at Hachinohe plant. The subsidiary currently produces each kind of sputtering target at around 100 units per month. ULVAC plans to increase the output capacity to 200-300 units by establishment of the new factory. The firm started the construction last month and will complete in December 2006.ULVAC will establish another factory for backing plate, following the capacity increase of sputtering targets. The productive capacity will expand from current 100 plates to 200 plates per month, in terms of 8th generation FPD panel size with more than 2 meters square. The firm plans to start the construction in January 2007 and to complete in June 2007.