EXSYM Gets 14B yen of Underground High Volt Cable Order in UAE

Tokyo based high voltage electric cable maker, EXSYM Corporation announced on Wednesday the firm got 14 billion yen orders for 2 major underground electricity distribution projects in United Arab Emirates. The firm, of which Showa Electric Wire and Cable controls 60% with 40% share by Mitsubishi Cable Industries, will lay total 48 kilometers of 400 kilovolt cross linked polyethylene (CV) cable and more than 150 km of 220 kilovolt CV cable with local major construction firm. EXSYM joins the project to restructure the current overhead power supply system into underground. The firm got the 400 kilovolt CV cable project for around 8 billion yen from Abu Dhabi Transmission & Despatch Company (TRANSCO). The project is to lay 4 lines of 4 km underground cable in northern coastal area of Abu Dhabi instead of current overhead line between 2 transforming stations, which will be removed after completion of the underground lines in June 2009. The project for 220 kilovolt CV cable is to build underground power supply line in Al Ain area with local major construction firm, Emirates Trading Agency (ETA) instead of current overhead line. EXSYM is to build the cable line by May 2009 for 6 billion yen. EXSYM will produce the cable in Aichi plant. The firm already started to produce 220 kilovolt CV cable shipping the first batch near. The firm will start the production of 400 kilovolt cable in early 2007. EXSYM expects the sales will increase to 33 billion yen for the year ending March 2007 compared with 25 billion yen last year. The firm expects the export rate for sales will increase to 40% in the year from 30% in last year. The 60% of the export is for Middle East. High voltage electric cable market in Middle East expands at annual 20-30% in a couple of years when the active infrastructure workings in the area under surging crude oil price.