Furukawa-Sky Aluminum Starts Indonesian New Extrusion Capacity

Furukawa-Sky Aluminum Corporation started operation of a new aluminium extruding facility at the subsidiary in Indonesia, PT Furukawa Indal Aluminum in September. The 0monthly production of the subsidiary increased from 300 tonnes to 400 tonnes due to the expansion. The firm plans to increase the output to 450-500 tonnes per month by full operation of the new extruding facility.Furukawa-Sky Aluminum established the subsidiary in 1998 to expand its aluminium extrusion business worldwide. The firm controls 55% of the Indonesian operation with 40% by PT Indal Investindo and 5% by Toyota Tsusho Corporation. The subsidiary started operation in 1999 and the capital was increased by US$ 2 million to US$ 6 million in January 2006.The subsidiary introduced an extruding machine and external facilities with 2,750 tonnes of productive capacity and started the operation in September 2006, while the firm already had 2 extruding machines.