Taiwa Syoji to Start Secondary Alloy Production in China

Taiwa Syoji, Japanese ferrous and nonferrous scrap dealer, will introduce an electric furnace and two reverberating furnaces at its new plant in Dafeng City of Jiangsu Province, China toward April 2007 to produce secondary alloy from aluminum, brass and cupper scrap. The firm invests 200-250 million yen for the new equipment. Dafeng plant will supply secondary alloy to component makers for automobile and motorcycle. This is the first case that Japanese scrap dealer produces secondary alloy in China.A new electric furnace will have small output capacity at 4-5 tonnes per charge to process brass scrap. Reverberating furnaces will have 20 tonnes of output capacity to process aluminium scrap and 60 tonnes for copper scrap. Dafeng plant will import aluminum, brass and cupper scrap from Japan to produce secondary alloy. Taiwa Syoji estimates 1,000 tonnes of monthly output for aluminum, 500-600 tonnes for brass and 2,000 tonnes for copper at the plant.Dafeng plant is one of largest metal recycling plants in China established on about 257,000 square meters of land area. The first construction of the plant just finished in mid October, which will start operation in November. The plant already introduced 3 shearing machines, 5 press machines and 100 separation machines to separate covers on electric wire scrap. The second construction is scheduled to finish next spring to introduce an electric furnace and reverberating furnaces, while the firm plans to introduce 2 large transformers, a dust collector and an analyzer at the same time.