YKK AP to Complete FA for Aluminium Extrusion Production System

Japanese major rolled aluminium products maker, YKK AP announced on Thursday the firm will establish a plant to produce large-sized aluminium extrusion of 14 inches class in Kurobe works of Toyama Prefecture, Japan with 3.8 billion yen of total investment. The new plant will start commercial production in October 2007 with 1,200 tonnes of output capacity per month. The firm will complete factory automation for the integrated productive system from casting to shipment at Kurobe works by the establishment of the new plant.The aluminum profile products division of YKK AP has reinforced its business by the establishment of a FA casting plant in 1997 and a FA surface treating plant in 2003. The division can complete FA for the integrated production system at aluminium profile products plants including casting, extrusion, surface treating and shipment thanks to the new plant. The division targets higher productivity by FA completion.YKK AP seeks to meet the increasing demand for larger aluminium extrusion and exterior products for building construction in metropolitan areas. The firm also aims to reduce CO2 emission and noises at the plants by the energy shift to liquefied petroleum gas.