Japan Copper and Aluminium Scrap Export Decreases in July

Japanese export of copper scrap and aluminium scrap decreased remarkably in July from a year earlier, according to the trade statistics by Ministry of finance. Copper scrap and aluminium scrap represent the large part of Japanese nonferrous metals export in volume. The copper scrap export decreased by 26.9% to 30,780 tonnes in July from a year ago due to the export decrease for China. The aluminium scrap export decreased by 11.6% to 9,149 tonnes despite of the active demand for automotive parts.The copper scrap export for China was 8,459 tonnes in July, decreasing by 27.6% from a year earlier and by 6.8% from the previous month. China had demanded much copper scrap under the hyper economic growth but the overheating demand seems to calm down at present. Japanese copper scrap export for China became to less than 30,000 tonnes for the first time in these 4 months.Japanese nonferrous metal export increased by 13.2% for cathode copper and the fragments, by 79.9% for lead ingot, by 20.8% for zinc ingot of less than 99.99% purity and by 12 times for zinc ingot of above 99.99% purity in July from a year ago. The export of aluminium ingot decreased by 39.5%.