Sambo Copper Alloy Expands Eco Brass Family in North America

Osaka based Sambo Copper Alloy announced the partner, Chase Brass & Copper based in Ohio, USA, which has exclusive license for lead free copper alloy, Eco Brass in North America, signed sublicense agreement with Concast Metal Products in Pennsylvania. The new supplier expands production and sales network for Eco Brass casting bar and tube. Concast Metal Products is largest continuous casting bar maker with products line including bar with up to 30 inches of diameters, deformed bar and tube products. The firm expands the products line through the sublicense of Eco Brass though the firm already has bismuth based lead free products line including Federalloy and Envirobrass. The firm starts production and sales for Eco Brass continuous casting bar and tube products. Chase Brass & Copper is US largest brass bar maker with 10,000 tonnes of annual output. The firm signed license agreement with Sambo Copper Alloy in April 2005 to produce and sell Eco Brass ingot and bar products exclusively in North America. The firm already started production and marketing for Eco Brass products. The firm signed sublicense agreement with North American largest brass ingot maker, Ingot Metal Company in Ontario, Canada in December 2005 to allow production of Eco Brass casting ingot. With new sublicense to Concast Metal Products, Eco Brass family in North America can produce all items including ingot, bar and casting bar.