Aluminium Scrap Price Increases in Osaka

Aluminium scrap market price is increasing by about 5 yen per kilogram especially for high grade scrap in Osaka to reflect upsurge of primary aluminium ingot price due to high aluminium price at London Metal Exchange and much weaker yen against US dollar.Secondary aluminium alloy ingot makers in the region are purchasing printing plate scrap at 285-290 yen per kg, new cutting scrap and 63S grade sash scrap at 280-285 yen, machine casting scrap at 220-230 yen and soft-pressed can scrap at 188-193 yen.Primary aluminium ingot price jumped up by 26-27 yen per kg from January 9 and exceeded yearly highest in 2006. Secondary aluminium alloy ingot demand keeps strong, while scrap arrival is decreasing at scrap dealers. Aluminium scrap supply is tightening.Makers’ purchasing prices would keep flat within January when some local makers had regulated scrap purchase volume to improve stocktaking. However, the scrap demand increases in February and the prices seem to surge up mainly for high grade scrap.