Strong Rebar Price in Tokyo

Concrete reinforcing steel bar price is strong at 63,000 yen per tonne for base size with 19 millimeters diameter around Tokyo. Large dealers and dealers are raising their selling prices. The order form small-and-middle general contractors are increasing. Dealers’ selling price is rising to 68,000 yen per tonne, which some dealers contracted at 69,000 yen. Rebar makers around Tokyo raised their selling price to 62,000 yen per tonne by 3,000 yen in January contracts from December. Japanese biggest electric furnace maker, Tokyo Steel Manufacturing raised the selling price to 63,000 yen by 4,000 yen, which increased to over 60,000 yen in after a long time.Large dealers and dealers raised their selling price to 63,000-64,000 yen per tonne for general contractors when each rebar maker raised their selling price. Because the demand is active around Tokyo, makers and dealers are expected to keep strong sales stances.