Nihon Superior Enjoys Fine Sales of Lead-Free Solder

Osaka based solder maker, Nihon Superior currently increased monthly sales of its original lead-free solder “SN100C” by 100 tonnes to 500 tonnes from a year earlier. The sales are favorable mainly for overseas markets, including the sales at Nihon Superior’s offshore licensees. The firm aims to expand the sales by 20% in 2007.Nihon Superior developed the original lead-free solder “SN100C” which contains mainly tin, copper, nickel and germanium. “SN100C” is cheaper than tin-silver-copper solder, the main stream of lead-free solder, with fine wettability, surface gross and less shrinkage cavity.The firm achieved 500 tonnes of monthly sales, 300 tonnes of which were sold by parent and the affiliates and 200 tonnes by licensees in USA, UK and Germany. The firm currently enjoys more sales for overseas markets than for domestic market. The firm has steadily increased its share especially in China and Europe. The sales in China account for 60-70% in “SN100C” offshore sales. In Europe lead-free solder is used more actively than world other areas.