Shintoa Corp’s 3 Aluminium Scrap Dealers to Merge

Shintoa Corporation, Japanese trading house of Kanematsu Group, integrates its 3 total subsidiaries dealing aluminium scrap in Nagoya, Osaka and Chiba on April 1, 2007. The subsidiary in Nagoya merges the other 2 subsidiaries in Osaka and Chiba. The head office of the new company will be laid in the head office of Shintoa Corp. The new company maintains as a 100% subsidiary of Shintoa Corp with 50 million yen of capital investment.The 3 subsidiaries recently deal with aluminium scrap by approximately 45,000 tonnes per year in Nagoya, by 23,000 tonnes in Osaka and by 15,000 tonnes in Chiba. The newly integrated company will deal with more than 80,000 tonnes of aluminium scrap per year with 7-8% of domestic market share. The new company will strengthen scrap dealing business in West Japan including Kyusyu region and in Kanto region mainly at Chiba in the future.Aluminium scrap demand keeps strong when demand of secondary aluminium alloy, the main application of aluminium scrap, maintains active for automobiles. Secondary aluminium alloy market is expected to grow more worldwide. On the other hand, in Japan, the major makers of secondary aluminium alloy ingot have merged their businesses since 2006.Shintoa Corp follows these recent market changes of aluminium scrap and secondary aluminium alloy by integration of its 3 subsidiaries. The newly merged company continues stable aluminium scrap supply to the users and secure purchasing of aluminium scrap from the vendors.