Japan Copper Import Increases in March

Japanese import of electrolytic copper and copper scrap increased largely in March from a year ago while aluminium import decreased, according to Ministry of Finance.

The import of electrolytic copper (cathode copper) increased by 50.2% to 6,149 tonnes in March from a year earlier. The import from Chile largely decreased, the largest supplier of electrolytic copper to Japan, while the import from Peru and Southeast Asian countries increased. The import of copper scrap increased by 47.3% to 6,158 tonnes.

The import of primary aluminium ingot decreased by 12% to 127,577 tonnes and alloyed aluminium ingot downed by 23.4% to 82,444 tonnes in March from a year ago. Aluminium scrap decreased by 3.5% and aluminium alloy scrap downed by 30.7%.

Refer to attached table.