Flat Colored Galvanizing Steel Price in Tokyo

Colored galvanizing steel market price is flat at 225,000 yen per tonne for small coil and at 204,000 yen for large coil with 35 millimeters thick and 914 mm width around Tokyo. The dealers’ sales are still slow even after a-week long holiday in early May. Their shipment was flat in April as a year earlier and some dealers reported lower shipment. However, the market price is likely to keep the level when the makers and dealers try to keep the price level. Japanese building start decreased by 19.7% to 4.18 million square meters for nonresidential building in March from a year earlier despite of higher start for plants, according to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Under lower demand, the dealers try to keep the price level even with lower sales volume. They try to keep the margin to avoid loss making sales. The market price is likely to keep the level without positive factor when the demand is slow and the makers cannot increase the selling price.