Nippon Steel Develops New Lead-Free Fuel Tank Steel

Nippon Steel announced on Friday the firm developed new lead-free flat steel for automobile fuel tank, Eco-coat S. The firm expects the new item, which can be used for bio energy, could contribute to reduce environmental impacts under strict environmental regulation and higher recycling needs. The firm succeeded to develop the new item by controlling surface structure of tin and zinc plating on flat steel to improve the corrosion resistance significantly. The firm said the new item can be applied to bio energy, which is expected to be used more as clean automobile energy but has stronger corrosiveness than traditional gasoline. The firm said the item has better performance on fuel permeability than plastic tank when the regulation gets stricter in North America. The new item without lead has nature for better recycling. The firm appeals the better formability and weldability under severe standard by Japanese automakers seeking sales expansion for the new item. The fuel tank steel demand is around 100,000 tonnes per year.