Firm Japan Primary Aluminium Ingot Price

Japanese primary aluminium ingot price is likely to keep high level in July-September when offshore market keeps firm. The domestic price could keep the level depending on market condition though the price is expected to decrease by around 10 yen per kilogram from April-June. The market keeps firm tone when official copper ingot price exceeds 1 million yen per tonne. Japanese primary aluminium ingot quarterly price recovers after temporally drop in October-December. Aluminium price at London Metal Exchange is also firm though the price dropped in the beginning of the year. The LME price could reach US$ 3,000 per tonne with support by other metals price. Japanese interests including major Japanese trading firms expect the world primary aluminium supply could ease due to output increase. The price is expected to drop in mid-term but the price could keep firm due to speculators’ buy. Japanese high aluminium price is partly due to lower yen rate. The rate is around 121 yen per US dollar at telegraphic transfer selling rate. With firm ingot price, rolled aluminium products prices are likely to keep firm. The higher cost for raw materials and energy lifts the production cost supporting the market price.