Firm Rebar Price in Tokyo

Concrete reinforcing steel bar market price is firm at 67,000 yen per tonne for base size with 19 millimeters diameter at price for direct shipment from the makers for the users around Tokyo. The price increased by 1,000 yen early May. The buyers pay as high as 68,000 yen for some transactions when traders seek higher price to cover higher cost price. The price is likely to keep firm under strong demand. Local rebar markers announced they try to increase the selling price to 70,000 yen per tonne after April to cover higher cost for ferrous scrap and subsidiary materials. They increased the output during a-week long holiday to ship for existing order. However, they still keep higher order backlog under strong demand. The market price increased to 72,000-73,000 yen per tonne at transaction for dealers’ inventory around Tokyo. The price is also increasing when the traders try to pass the higher cost price. General contractors are expected to increase the purchase for major building projects toward summer. The market could keep strong around Tokyo.