Sumitomo Electric, Nagoya Univ. Start Rare Metal Recycle Study

Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI) announced on Monday the firm starts co-research with Eco Topia Science Institute of Nagoya University for recycling technology of rare metals such as tungsten. SEI and the Institute will establish a collaborative research laboratory with research funds from SEI, research facilities and equipment from the institute and research staffs sent from both SEI and the Institute. Co-research is scheduled from April 2007-March 2009 with extension scope.SEI Group has the products processed and manufactured from rare metals such as tungsten, cobalt, gallium and indium. SEI aims to seek technologies to collect and recycle rare metals from used appliances and disposals. Eco Topia Science Institute holds large research results in environment and material recycle fields. SEI will present its research, evaluation and production technologies and know-how for co-research.