Japan Metal Shutter Makers Post Favorable Sales and Profits in F2006

Japanese 4 major metal shutter makers posted sales and profits increase in fiscal 2006 ended March 2007 compared with fiscal 2005 except for profit decrease of Toyo Shutter. The makers owed better results to steady demand of metal shutter and their cost cut efforts in fiscal 2006 despite of material cost expansion such for aluminium and steel. In fiscal 2007 the 3 shutter makers estimate continuous growth of sales and profits.In fiscal 2006 Sanwa Shutter Corporation posted record operating profit after 15 years. The firm gained higher sales and profits in fiscal 2006 than fiscal 2005 when the firm tried to catch demand for building materials and maintenance services and the operation in Europe was favorable.Bunka Shutter could post higher sales and profits despite of cost expansion for steel and crude oil in fiscal 2006 than fiscal 2005. The sales of metal shutter and related products were steady and the profits improved for the renovation business.Toyo Shutter posted higher sales and worse profits in fiscal 2006 compared with fiscal 2005 impacted by higher material prices and severer sales competition. The firm was also suffered from cost expansion for securing new employees and structuring internal control system, though the firm selected the orders of better profitability.Tostem Suzuki Shutter MFG could cover material cost up such for stainless steel and enjoy favorable profits in fiscal 2006 by new demand for mischief abatement facilities and steady conditions of the maintenance business. The sales of heavy shutter kept flat.