Flat Plate Steel Price in Tokyo

Plate steel market price is flat at 80,000 yen per tonne for product with 19 millimeters thick, 5 feet width and 10 feet length and at more than 95,000 yen for products with cutting process around Tokyo. The price is expected to keep the level with slower demand and tight supply. The dealers said the shipment is slow from the inventory. The demand is slow for building due to delay of construction works and the demand slows down for other consuming industries. A shearing processor said the general demand accelerates to get lower and the users’ purchase is slower than expected. Domestic integrated steel makers are still busy under strong demand from manufacturers including shipbuilding and construction and industrial machinery. The makers see the supply is still tight but the delivery schedule is apparently less tight than before. The mixed market view is widened between positive outlook by the makers and negative expectation by the dealers. Some dealers try to secure volume at lower price. The dealers should have difficult time under slow demand and strong makers’ stance.