Japan Tin Plate Export Price to Increase for Jul-Sep

Japanese integrated steel makers will raise their export price of tin plate by about US$ 20 for July-September shipment compared with April-June shipment. Bao Steel in China announced on Tuesday the firm decreases tin plate selling price by 100 yuan or about 1,800 yen for domestic market. However, Japanese makers expect tin plate supply keeps tight when Asian demand maintains strong and the orders from Middle East are increasing. Japanese integrated steels keep strong selling stances to pass material cost up such for tin metal. The makers also aim to hike cold rolled steel sheet used for tin plate for July-December shipment.Tin plate demand is strong in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippine where pineapple crops were good, though Thai crop decreased slightly by abnormal climate. Tuna can productions in these countries keeps active as well.Tin plate supply is decreasing in Asian area when POSCO in South Korea sold out its tin plate mill and Blue Scope in Australia pulled out from tin plate production. With these factors, Japanese integrated steel makers expect supply and demand balance of tin plate continues tight for a while.Japanese tin plate export price now exceeds FOB US$ 950 after the makers’ hike since last year. In 2005 when Japanese tin plate export price exceeded FOB US$ 1,000, material shift occurred among the consumers from steel can to PET. Japanese makers are cautious of the price level and try to improve regional price divide by the hike.