VISCAS to Expand Cable Accessory Parts Output

Tokyo based high voltage electric cable maker, VISCAS Corporation, which is joint venture of Furukawa Electric and Fujikura, expands the cable accessory parts output capacity. VISCAS will purchase engineering companies in Taiwan and Singapore from Furukawa Electric after the launch of the parts making subsidiaries in China and Taiwan. VISCAS tries to clear the bottleneck to prepare for demand boom at home and abroad. The firm established subsidiary in Shenyang, Liaoning of China for 300 million yen in 2006 to cover order from China and offshore users. The new parts plant started the test running to start marketing in the year. The firm launches Taiwanese parts plant in the month. The firm has 49% interest in the joint venture with local partner to supply electric cable accessory parts for local users. VISCAS expends around 50 million yen for the plant and loans around 200 million yen to start the marketing in 2 years. The firm will acquire engineering companies from Furukawa Electric by early August. VISCAS tries to improve the service network when the high voltage electric cable providers have to secure engineering manpower to meet growing demand. The firm tries to improve the productivity at Ichihara and Futtsu plant in Chiba The firm plans to meet growing demand without major expansion at least the year. The firm posted 30.9% higher sales at 83.4 billion yen with 10% higher shipment for the year to March 2007 from previous year. The firm keeps around 55 billion yen of order backlog and operates the facilities at full capacity.