Japan Copper Alloy Product Shipment Continues Decreasing

Copper alloyed product shipment decreased by 4.3% to 83,553 tonnes in Japan in April from a year earlier, including domestic demand and export, according to Japan Copper & Brass Association. The shipment represented year-to-year decrease for 3 straight months to reflect the weaker demand from domestic industries and the volume down of the users’ procurement when copper price maintains extremely high. The export showed year-to-year down for 2 straight months.Copper alloyed product shipment for domestic market was 68,153 tonnes in April, down by 4.9% from a year earlier.The domestic shipment decreased by 4.3% to 11,170 tonnes for connector pins including relay and switch contacts. The demand was low for personal computers and cellular phones. In addition the users minimized their purchasing volume when copper and nickel prices kept high. As to white metal used for relay contacts, the users recently examine aluminium as a substitute material when nickel price stays very high.The domestic shipment downed by 6.6% to 6,059 tonnes for transporting machines. Brass strip shipment decreased for automotive connector pins. Some users offer their customers to supply connector materials because they are impacted by copper cost expansion in procurement of copper alloyed strips.The domestic shipment for gas appliances decreased by 15.3% to 3,834 tonnes. The demand was low for brass bar, copper sheet strip and tube applied to gas stoves.Copper alloyed product export was 15,400 tonnes in April, down by 1.6% from a year earlier. The demand has decreased for electronic appliances in Asia.