Nippon Kinzoku to Build Aluminium Alloy Plant Near Guangzhou

Tokyo based light metal maker, Nippon Kinzoku announced on Friday the firm builds new secondary alloyed aluminium plant in near Guangzhou, China as subsidiary of Baoding Longda Aluminium Industry. The US$ 8.5 million will start first phase operation with 50,000 tonnes of annual output capacity in October. The plant will expand the capacity to 100,000 tonnes in January 2009. The plant tries to supply competitive materials when Japanese automakers expand the operation around Guangzhou. The new plant with 11,500 square meters of floor space on 180,000 square maters of land has 20 tonnes gas firing furnace to keep melting, automotive continuous casting machine, dust collecting machine and coal gas generator. Baoding Longda Aluminium Industry controls 51% of the new plant with 21% share by Nippon Kinzoku. The plant with 150 of employee will serve local transplant of Japanese automakers around Chinese Detroit of Guangzhou. The plant supplies alloyed aluminium for castings and die-castings by using local generated aluminium scrap and other materials.