Strong Stainless Steel Bar Price in Tokyo

Stainless steel bar price increased to around 900,000 yen per tonne by 130,000 yen for SUS304 grade and 1.3 million yen by 150,000 yen for SUS316 around Tokyo. Dealers are raising their selling price when stainless steel makers increased the price for distributors and try to pass makers’ hike at an early date.Dealers’ shipment is good. The market inventory keeps adequate level. The market price increased by about 470,000 yen per tonne for SUS304 compared with last year due to increased nickel price.However, users’ resistance is strong against makers’ and dealers’ price hikes. Some major fabricator doesn’t decide the investment due to increased steel price though the firm plans the investment to use stainless steel products from a year ago.Nickel ingot price is decreasing. Dealers must raise the selling price when the market price may decrease influenced decreased nickel price.