Nippon High Voltage Cable to Launch MI Cable

Chiba based submarine cable maker, Nippon High Voltage Cable Corporation (NVC) will start production of Mass-Impregnated submarine cable in the summer. Nexans of France, which controls 66% of NVC, supplies them to European market. NVC operates the Futtsu plant in Chiba at full capacity to make Oil-Filled cable. NVC, in which Viscas has 34% share, started operation in October 2006. The Futtsu plant was OF cable plant of Viscas, which is high voltage cable making joint venture of Furukawa Electric and Fujikura. NVC converted the facilities to make MI cable along with expansion. The firm is building new oil tanks for MI cable. Futtsu plant also produces OF cable for order receipt by Nexans and Viscas. NVC increases the employees by 20-30 to 80-90 in order to expand the operations. MI cable demand increases in Europe to connect electricity network in the countries. Nexans established NVC to serve the growing market as early as possible.