Flat Colored Galvanizing Sheet Price

Colored galvanizing flat steel market price is flat at 225,000 yen per tonne for small coil and at 204,000 yen for large coil around Tokyo. Japanese steel sheet makers announced the selling price hike. However, dealer source said the demand decreased by about 20% in April-June compared with the same period of last year and speculated demand is little. The market price for distributors is not expected to rise.Dealer source recognizes that the makers are increasing their selling volume for large users and are decreasing the volume for distributors. Dealers’ shipment is reducing. Dealers’ inventory is increasing. Some dealers are seemed to sell at bargain price.Some small dealers or sheet processors cannot pass their selling price on increased sheet price by half against makers’ price hike at 20,000 yen per tonne. It is concern that ended dealers or processors can tolerate or not against weakened demand.