High Copper Scrap Price, Lower Brass Scrap in Tokyo

Japanese copper scrap market price responds in mixed manner after the official copper ingot price reached more than 1 million yen per tonne. The copper scrap price reached record level while the brass scrap failed to increase due to slump of the user of brass bar makers. No.1 copper wire scrap price hits around 920 yen per kilogram around Tokyo, which is just after record 935 yen in early May. Some transaction reached more than 930 yen and the dealers raised the purchase price under tight supply. Market price of brass scrap with zinc failed to follow the move. Brass turning scrap price is around 685 ye per kg, which is 50 yen lower than record 740 yen in early May. The price is relative lower than copper scrap even when official zinc ingot price is 70,000 yen per tonne lower than early May. Brass scrap demand decrease when brass bar makers reduce the output. The scrap supply is more than the demand when the scrap generation in the market keeps the level. The dealers try to minimize the scrap inventory to avoid price change risk.