Flat Plate Steel Price in Tokyo

Plate steel market price keeps flat at 80,000 yen per tonne for product with 19 millimeters thick, 5 feet width and 10 feet length and at more than 95,000 yen for products with cutting process around Tokyo. The price is expected to keep the level with slower demand and tight supply.The demand for shipbuilding and construction machinery is good. The demand for mainly manufacturing industry connected to export business is expanding. The demand for industry machine is expected to continue certain level for business investment by small-and-middle plant. However, the demand for distributors keeps slow when an order from others in the same trade or spot order is less.Japanese integrated steel makers’ deliver isn’t delay when steel plate mills keep full-operation. But the inventory for large users is low when some dealers buy it from the market. Searing processors’ shipment volume was less than warehousing volume. Their inventory slightly increased. The margin between material price and products price is less and doesn’t change. Dealers think to increase the selling price. But dull shipment is hampering their price hike.