Japan Cemented Carbide Tool Shipment Rises by 6.6% in May

Japanese 43 firms’ cemented carbide tool shipment increased by 6.6% to 28.653 billion yen in May from a year earlier, according to Japan Cemented Carbide Tool Manufacturers’ Association. The output volume decreased by 2.4% to 490 tonnes. The shipment was firm with higher export while the domestic demand was still slow. The demand could recover when domestic major automakers expand the capital expenditure.The monthly output volume was less than 500 tonnes for 2007 except for 520 tonnes in March. The domestic demand was slow. The users shift to composite type of products, which use cemented carbide only for cutting edge, from traditional cemented carbide tool due to higher raw materials cost. Technology trend to improve the yield from material cemented carbide to finished products also reduces the volume.