Brass Turning Scrap Market Price Keeps Flat

The market price of brass turning scrap keeps the level at around 690 yen per kilogram in Osaka. The market is difficult to surge up when copper rolled product makers are decreasing their purchasing volume of brass turning scrap due to weak demand for copper fabricated products. Brass turning scrap market price differs widely among scrap dealers on strong or weak selling stances.Japanese official zinc ingot price was revised up by 17,000 yen to 484,000 yen per tonne on Friday, while 2 major copper rolled product makers in Osaka set their purchasing price for brass turning scrap unchanged at 740 yen per kg. The purchasing price could be raised by 6-7 yen per kg along the latest zinc ingot price. The 2 makers were likely to avoid widening the gap between their purchasing price and the market price.Some scrap dealers secure brass turning scrap at around 690 yen per kg with highest price of above 700 yen due to less scrap generation in the market, while some dealers try to minimize scrap procurement when copper fabricated product makers, the scrap users, are rather decreasing scrap purchasing. Brass turning scrap price is not so strong to surge up as total.