Baoji Titanium to Triples Titanium Ingot Output by 2010

Chinese largest titanium maker, Baoji Titanium Industry Co. targets to increase the titanium output to 2-3 times by 2010 from now through the 2 billion yuan of investment. The firm expands the output to 20,000 tonnes for the ingot and to 10,000 tonnes for the rolled products from 6,000 tonnes and 4,500 tonnes in 2006 respectively. The firm, which has 12,000 tonnes per year of melting capacity, represented 27% of 20,000 tonnes of Chinese ingot output in 2006. The firm has also high level technology and was approved for official supplier for Boeing Company in 2005. Baoji Titanium Industry agreed with Boeing in 2007 to supply 4,300 tonnes of titanium products for 3 years. Baoji Titanium Industry, which has 2 vacuum arc remelting furnaces with 3 tonnes and 6 tonnes capacity each, added an electron beam furnace and 3 VAR furnaces with 10 tonnes capacity each in 2006. The firm starts the operation after the test running. The firm also constructs production lines for titanium wire and bar and titanium scrap collecting facilities. The firm plans to build titanium strip line for 475 million yuan and forging machine for 329 million yuan. The firm also has high speed forging machine with 2,500 tonnes of capacity, hydraulic press forging machine with 3,150 tonnes of capacity and ring rolling machine to make titanium bar with 4-250 millimeters diameter, titanium wire and rod with 0.8-6 mm diameter and ring products with maximum 3,000 mm of diameter and 700 mm of height.