Tokyo Steel Raises Ferrous Scrap Purchase Price by 500 yen/t

Tokyo Steel Manufacturing increased the ferrous scrap purchase price by 500 yen per tonne for all grades at Okayama, Kyushu, Takamatsu and Utsunomiya plants on Saturday. The firm tries to secure the material though rival Hyundai Steel of South Korea reduced the offer price to Japanese high grade scrap by 500 yen earlier the week. Tokyo Steel’s new purchase price is 39,000 yen per tonne for land transport H2 scrap to Okayama, 38,500 yen for land transport scrap to Kyushu, 37,000 yen for ocean and land transport to Takamatsu and 37,500 yen for land transport to Utsunomiya. Hyundai Steel reduced the offer price by 500 yen for high grade Japanese scrap at weekly tender on Wednesday. The offer price was FOB 36,500 yen per tonne for H2, which was flat from previous week, while the firm decreased the offer by 500 yen to 42,500 yen for new cutting scrap and to 39,000 yen for HS.